Video Cards & Graphic Accelerators

Quiet Video Card OPTIONS

We offer a variety of different Video Cards for use in our quiet PCs, all of them chosen for the best combination of silence and performance. Not all systems are able to use all video cards listed on this page. For instance, wtih a few exceptions most of our fanless PCs only use onboard video. Other systems might have size or heat limitations and so a particular video card may not work in your system. Refer to your System Dropdowns.

Fanless Video Cards

Our Fanless Video Card/s are completely quiet, have basic gaming capabilities, play back HD video seamlessly, and have multiple monitor support. In most cases, however, the newest consumer-grade CPUs come with onboard video that outperforms the only fanless video cards available.

Quiet Video Cards

With their STRIX line, Asus offers the best quiet video card lines available. In fact all STRIX cards are hybrid cards and run fanlessly during normal operation, and quietly during demanding use. Asus STRIX cards feature the latest blazingly fast graphics processing units, while offering amazing cooling which ranges from completely silent (no fans) to very quiet. STRIX cards are extremely quiet for their performance levels. Gigabyte also produces select cards with large, slow-moving fans which we feature in our systems.

Extreme Performance Cards

Our extreme performance PCs may also feature extreme performance video cards and cards designed for computational acceleration, such as the Quadro and Tesla cards. We choose fanless or quiet versions of these cards, for the quietest possible operation, even in extreme performance.

Quadro Graphics solutions, for professional workstations

Nvidia Quadro cards offer GPU acceleration computing by tying together the GPU with the CPU. This makes quick work of 3D animation, CAD, as well as scientific and engineering applications. Quadro cards are particularly helpful when doing 3D rendering and filters in Photoshop and Video Editing programs. They are used most by demanding professionals who need complete stability with their projects. Maximized performance through the unique capabilities of the latest Kepler GPU—including the SMX next-generation multiprocessor engine, advanced temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) and fast approximate anti-aliasing (FXAA) modes, and innovative bindless textures technology—as well as larger on-board GPU memory and optimized software drivers.


Note: this page lists various video cards we carry in our quiet PCs. Some video cards listed on this page may not be available in your PC due to size, heat, and design limitations of individual PCs. If you have any questions about configuring your PC, please don't hesitate to Ask Us.