Some Things People Say About Our Systems

I couldn't be happier with this machine! It came extremely well-packed, and the build is very nice, with all cables neatly run. The best part is that it really lives up to its name. This system is dead-quiet, which lets me run it right in my office. This is a far cry from my previous server, which sounds like a jet engine when it starts.

This machine has plenty of oomph to handle everything I'll throw at it, and it came at a reasonable price. Thank you very much for a great system and a painless ordering process.

Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant, RI

I have checked temps and clock speeds with HWMonitor and no issues/problems. Overall, this is without a doubt the best computer I have ever had, and it looks good, too.
Melvin, Effort, PA

I enthusiastically recommend Cool Tech PC, and the quiet PCs they make. Their products and service are fantastic. They are quite knowledgeable and patiently answered my questions, and helped me select a computer that met my needs at a reasonable price. Now that I have a quiet computer, it is so nice to be able to work in a quiet room when I want, or listen to music quietly, without constant loud computer noises in the background.
David H. Blatt M.D., Corvallis, OR

I recently received my new machine and, as a person who doesn't normally get excited about hardware, I have to say you've impressed the living daylights out of me with this. The neatness and care taken with attention to all the little details speak volumes for the level of pride you all take in your products. My buying experience was a pleasure from start to finish and I want to say thanks to all involved for building such beautiful machine.
Dennis, Illinois

It is such a pleasure to have your fast, friendly, and knowledgeable assistance! What a great benefit I have received by obtaining my computer from Endpcnoise!
John, Georgia

These folks sure know how to build a solid PC! I had a few 'special' requirements - one involved extra PCI slots for some 'older' cards and hardware and they were able to find a motherboard that fit the bill. The PC is SUPER quiet - and built like nothing I've EVER seen before! Their support is also excellent - usually answering questions the same day I email them. Highly recommended.
Mark, Ohio

Thanks very much for your reply. I think I not only experienced a great product from your company, but excellent customer service that is hard to find these days. You just helped your company earn a life time customer! Well, maybe more than that, because I will not hesitate to recommend your company to other friends.
Peter, North Carolina

I bought a prebuilt PC from Endpcnoise two years ago and have been continually impressed with it. It's in constant use, has been upgraded several times and remains preternaturally quiet. In contrast I have two workstations and three PCs in my office and collectively, they sound like a racing locomotive. I've reinstalled windows twice since then using your restore DVD and then restoring my backup volumes to the PC and it's been a snap. Also, thanks for not loading the PC with lots of junk software like a lot of other vendors. I'm glad I bought from you guys and didn't spend my time prebuilding since I don't see any room for improvement!
Ron, Connecticut

Got the computer and it is FANTASTIC - super fast and super quiet. Couldn't be happier, thanks so much for your help!
Henry, California

Thanks! I actually placed the order with Endpcnoise.com yesterday, for the Nexus 3000 power supply and the very Nexus 120mm you just recommended! Your patient and helpful attitude has resulted in a sale, and I suspect that this will not be the last one. Thank you for excellent customer service. I am now a repeat customer when you add this to the custom quiet PC I purchased from you folks back in 2003 (still working fabulously, and very quietly!).
Michael, Texas

I have been a heavy user of desktop computers since 1976: from Apples first PCs and a long line of IBM-compatibles. The PCs offered and built by EndPCNoise.com are by far the best machines I have ever used -- and their service has been excellent to boot! I intend to buy all my PCs in the future from this company.
Jess, Axis Analytics

The PC you guys built is the best I have ever owned. I can't believe how well put together it is. It's astounding! It's also ridiculously quiet. The Blu-ray works well. Your company is *seriously* under-rated. It's VooDoo/Alienware-killing stuff.
Todd J. Scarbrough, M.D. www.mima.com

These guys are serious about silence. I am loving my new Core 2 system. The first time I turned it on, my buddy asked me: "is it on yet?"... and the only way we could tell was by the blue lights! Fast, excellent delivery, and the packaging was extremeley well done... UPS let the exterior box soak in the NW rain for half a day, and the interior was still dry! And the service has been nothing short of stellar... even after the honeymoon period, these guys have been providing consistent and dedicated support and are a great source of tweaking advice. I will never go back to a PC that isn't silenced... silence is golden, and these guys know how to make the quietest pc I've never heard!
Ted, Oregon

Excellent workmanship on the PC build, and great support all around -- the video card went bad, and they provided a no-hassle swap. They were courteous and professional every step of the way, and I defintely recommend them!
Kevin Steele, Steele Publishing LLC

Thanks, for everything. You have done a great job, your staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and the computer is well silent.
Wayne, California

I'd like to thank Endpcnoise.com for an outstanding system that I purchased at a fair price.

My Hushed AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 Silent PC, with Dual Core AMD 64 3800 processor and 2 gigs of RAM, is everything I could have wished for--fast, silent, and able to do everything I ask of it. The Sonata II case is easy on the eyes, too.

I'm a network technician/desktop support professional. I buy, configure, and troubleshoot desktops and servers all day long. When the last machine I had built for myself finally started failing, I wanted something special. But within the confines of a family budget, and without the time involved in building my own.

A couple of years ago, I built an Athlon XP box for my daughter with the stock cooler shipping with the CPU. It was so loud that I didn't like to be in the room when it was on, and I was worried that her room mate would murder her when she went to college. Off to Google to discover Endpcnoise.com. A new CPU cooler, power supply, and mobo heat sink later, her machine was MUCH quieter. So I thought of you when looking at options for myself.

The quality of what I had purchased was evident when I started unpacking my new machine--nothing could have gone awry in shipment with such a thorough job. Cable routing is sparkling clean, allowing for perfect air flow. The parts I had chosen (from your outstanding collection) put the Dells and HP's that I work with to shame. The case is beautifully engineered. The attention to detail is evident throughout and soothing to the eye and mind after a day in corporateland.
Joe, California

The system you shipped to me is working fine and sounds (very little) great!

I liked pretty much everything about the system: The box and internal packing were excellent, the installation was excellent, the attention to detail (including my special requests/add-ons) was excellent, and the sound-proofing was very good too!

I have not yet called anyone for support... I like that (very much!)
K.F., California

I want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate having a quiet computer. It has made all the difference for me to be able to get my work done in a quiet environment. I'm not near as stressed as I used to be after spending all day doing medical transcription.

Thank you so much for producing a great product and for providing such excellent service! I will be sure to spread the word about your company.
Claudia, Washington

I've had my system for a week or so and I just wanted to pass along how delighted I am with its performace, and your service. I am especially gratified at the latest and uncompromising choices you make in your selection of components, such as motherboard, display card, etc. The system quietly screams.... exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again, and looking forward to doing business again in the future.
Marty, Oregon

I just received my computer and I am amazed at how quiet it is. Its blazing fast, couldn't be happier with it. Also, the packaging was excellent, I've never seen a computer packed that well. All around the service and product are superb, best I've ever seen.

I am writing to express my appreciation for the excellent and patient technical support that I received from Luke Goughnour after purchasing my computer. After I made a simple mistake that rendered my new machine unbootable, Luke took time to talk me through various rescue methods. These methods proved too complicated for me to execute by myself, so Luke helped me arrange an RMA so that the machine could be fixed. In the process, he was able to preserve all the data and software on my hard drive, which saved me many days of effort that I had spent setting up the new machine. This experience made it clear to me that my purchase of a machine from Endpcnoise.com was a good investment. The machine is a first rate piece of equipment, and its quality is matched by the first rate expertise and attention of the staff.
Ken, Massachusetts


Some Things People Say About Our Service & Products

I installed the new cooler and I can't hear the cooler fan over the other fans in the system! Then too, my cpu temps have immediately dropped at least 5 degrees C. before the Artcic Silver Ceramique has reached its most effective heat transfer levels. Wow. You guys really know your stuff.
John, Arizona

Just a note to let you know my wife and I are very pleased with your quiet products. My wife has complained and complained about our noisy pc. I took it to a Computer repair store and they said there was nothing they could do about it. I purchased a cpu cooler from Fry's Electronics. It was more noisy. I came across your website and purchased a cpu cooler and a power supply. They are very quiet. My wife is happy, I am happy.
Dale, California

I just installed my new Zalman CPU fan...BLESSED SILENCE! My original Intel cooler could be heard all the way to the living room. Thanks for the great products.
Mike, California

I would just like to pass on a quick note informing you that I was very pleased with my purchase. My item was shipped out the same day I placed the order and received it a couple days later. The Nexus AXP-3200 Fan/Heatsink was exactly what one of my clients needed for their older socket 370 computer. You even had the cheapest price which was appreciated. I'll definately purchase from you again. Thanks again!
Ken, Wisconsin

Your site was easy to use and very informative, but one minor part of the site worked very well for me. I doubt anyone else has commented on it so I will. On checking out, when choosing a shipping method/speed, you offer a link to a map showing the number of days to expect a UPS delivery to take. I was going to choose to pay extra for a speedier UPS method but I clicked on the link and the map showed that I was in a 1-day area. So I saved some money and I did indeed get my package in one day.

I just wanted to let you know how very satisfied I am with the Nexus Real Silent CPU and Case Cooling Fans I recently ordered from you. I replaced my old Compaq OEM CPU fan and added a case fan. The two of them make far less total noise than the one old CPU fan!! I can suddenly hear the hard drive - something I'd never heard in the six years I've had this computer.
David, Washington

I just installed my new power supply and CPU cooling fan, and I must say...Wow!

I think this is the first time I've actually been able to hear my hard drive working! I can't believe how quiet my PC is now. The home office is sooo much more peaceful. This is great. Thanks!
Bill, Oregon

I received my order today, i.e. a Zalman Fanmate 2 Variable Speed Fan Controller, connected it and it works as advertised. I just wanna say thank you for your service and in the future if I need any PC/gaming console parts, Endpcnoise will be the first place I'll come to.
Robert, Ontario, Canada

Just got my new Nexus 120mm case fan.... amazingly quiet. SO quiet I had to check to make sure it was running...!
Jeff, Rhode Island

I am dropping this note to say that I received my case fan today. I have already installed it in my Dell Dimension to replace the worn out fan that was getting very noisy. If it wasn't for checking the fan speed and temperature readings of my CPU, I would never have thought that the fan was spinning. It is extremely quiet, such a pleasure to have a nice, quiet fan again. Excellent product and service, thank-you.
Paul, Newfoundland, Canada

I received the parts within 2 days of mentioning it to you. Fantastic service!

Thank you! I will be buying all of my cases and things to keep things quiet from you in the future! Keep up the good work!
Tony, California

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