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Quiet Mouse

Nexus quiet computer mice are ideal for those working in quiet environments, such as video and audio production studios, as well as in the workspace of a quiet enthusiast.

Non-Clicking Silent Mouse

Nexus Quiet Mouse - Silent Switch Technology

Nexus quiet mice feature patented silent switching technology. These quiet mice leave you with a truly silent mouse, without any clicking sound whatsoever. A quiet mouse is beneficial whether you are an audio professional who needs an absolutely silent environment, or whether you are a computer user that understands the benefit of limiting distractions when you work.

Each quiet mouse we sell, is truly silent and is a high-quality mouse, many with extra features. The Nexus mouse leaves you with a quiet environment, without the distraction that a silent mouse brings. These quiet mice don't just have a quieter click than normal, the clicking sound is completely removed.

Nexus quiet mice are truly a great addition to the quiet computer setup. Check out our quiet mouse options below.