Frequently Asked Questions


When can I expect to RECEIVE MY PARTS ORDER?
If all of your items are marked in stock, the order is placed on a business day by 1:00PM (Pacific standard time), and you live in the Continental U.S., then, in most cases, your order will go out that day (otherwise your order should go out the next business day). All standard orders are sent via UPS Ground and take between 1 and 6 business days to arrive to their Continental U.S. destinations. Please refer to this map to see standard UPS Ground delivery times for your area.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Please inquire about payment options for large quantity orders.
Can I change my order once I've submitted it?
Generally, yes, you can always e-mail us your order information if you want to add or remove a part before it ships out.
Do I have to be at home to receive my order?
It is always safer to be at home to receive your package, but most parts orders are usually left on your door step if you are not home. Computer systems will always require an adult signature and will require you to be at home.

Computer Systems

If I have already placed an order for a system and want to change something before it ships, can you accommodate my request?
Depending on what it is that you would like changed, we can usually delay a machine before it ships out, install new hardware or software, or change the layout of the machine. Special order items are subject to a restocking fee if we have already ordered the parts.
I want you to build me a custom computer, can you do that?
Absolutely! At our core, we’re a custom computer company. Please free to contact our sales team for custom systems
Why are prices on certain parts like video cards so high?
Unfortunately, we cannot control the market prices of components. The price of video cards has gone up because of low stock, high chip prices, crypto mining, and price scalping to name a few.
Are your computers Windows 11 compatible?
Yes! All systems, regardless of the OS that it’s shipping with, are tested to make sure that it can be upgraded to Windows 11 should you want to change your OS.
Do I need a TPM Module?
All of the motherboards we use will have TPM built in already and will not require a TPM module. Some customers have expressed interest in having a dedicated TPM module instead of using the onboard module and is the reason why we have it as a drop-down option.
What is the service like after I order a computer?
Our service does not change after a system is purchased and shipped. In the event of hardware failure, we offer a standard one year warranty covering any parts or labor required to put your system back in perfect shape. Many of the parts in our quiet computer systems have longer warranties from the manufacturers. Even after the warranty period is up, we can often help you take advantage of these longer parts warranties. We are also here to help you to rebuild and upgrade your PC years later instead of having you just throw the old one away and buy a new PC altogether. We can give you advice, sell you the parts, or even have you ship us the PC and have us rebuild it for you.
What is a heatpipe and how does a fanless PC cool itself?
A heatpipe is a copper or aluminum pipe that is used to transfer heat from the hotter components in a PC to a large heatsink of some kind to help dissipate heat. In Fanless PCs the CPU and video cards are heat-piped to the sides of the case because the entire case is made of thick machined aluminum; this allows the heat to dissipate from the sides of the case like a giant heatsink allowing the components to stay cool.
Can I order a custom part in my system?
Absolutely, if you already have a part and want to send it in to us to install and test with the machine, or if there is a part that you want us to special order in, we can always use parts that we don't offer by default, just let us know.
How much does shipping cost on a computer?
If the computer is being shipped to an address in the continental U.S, then UPS ground shipping is free. International shipments are usually quoted before your system ships out.
What is a burn-in test?
A typical burn-in test usually consists of testing all of the hard drives, while testing the PSU, CPU, and RAM at 100% load using the Passmark testing suite. The video card is tested using Furmark at 100% load rather than using other testing software because it will test it the hardest. All of the components are tested for at least 24 to 48 hours.
What is overclocking and does SilentPC support it?
Overclocking is when someone increases the voltages and frequency settings of the CPU, RAM, and video cards to increase performance.SilentPC does not support overclocking as it can lead to system crashes, instability, and a shortened lifespan of the parts and machine as a whole. Quiet components tend to run hotter than standard components as it is, and when you overclock a quiet machine heat problems will definitely come into play.
Why aren't your computers offered in stores?
All of our PCs are custom built to order. Each Quiet PC is hand assembled with special care to your custom specifications and thoroughly tested before we ship them out. We don't mass produce computers like HP or Dell, so we don't sell a cookie cutter PC to your local Best Buy like they do. We prefer quality over quantity.
Why does it take 6 to 10 business days for my computer to be shipped out?
Our machines are always built by professionals and not rushed into production. We will never assume that your machine is 100% ready to go until we have thoroughly tested it and made sure that it meets our expectations before it leaves the facility.
If I select rush processing, are some tests skipped to meet the deadline?
No, rush processing just means that your machine is rushed to the head of the line to be built and possibly that we expedite the ordering of special order parts in to us. We will always fully test every machine and we do not cut corners.
What comes with my new computer?
We send everything that comes with the parts we order. All software and hardware accessories are included. We also send the operating system disk, extra cables and power cords, and extra screws along with a copy of your final invoice.
I can't find my Windows key?
The windows product key is always going to be somewhere on the computer case itself. It's usually on the top corner of the right side panel if you're looking at the machine from the front. Sometimes they are placed on the back of certain machines due to case orientation.


Are my parts tested before they ship?
We do not open or tamper with any products that you order. We only test parts that are ordered in a computer system.
What is case insulation and what is its purpose?
Case insulation is a special type of foam that is used in computer cases to reduce vibration noises that can come from hard drives and power supplies.
Can I just use case insulation?
Most of the time the answer is no. Case insulation is designed to reduce the vibration noise that comes from hard drives and power supplies. It is not used to make stock cooling parts like CPU fans and case fans any quieter.
What's the difference between OEM and Retail items?
OEM and Retail items are generally the same product. However the retail version of a product usually comes with extra accessories or extra software packages, whereas the OEM version will just come with the base product.
Which parts should I replace first in order to eliminate computer noise?
We usually recommend first replacing the BIG THREE SOURCES of computer noise:
  1. The Power Supply
  2. The CPU Fan
  3. The Case Fan/s

These three parts are usually the noisiest components.


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