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Fanless PCs

Discover a truly powerful, full-functioning fanless PC with absolutely NO NOISE

Unlike other fanless PCs available today, every fanless system we build is a truly powerful, fully-functioning computer built with absolute silence in mind.

Powerful Fanless PC

Fanless Cooling

Every one of our Fanless PCs are passively cooled using advanced heatpipe and heatsink engineering. Most include heatpipes to transfer the heat from the CPU to the exterior of the case, which acts like a giant heatsink. This circumvents the use of fans, creating a totally noiseless PC.

Our NoFan PCs use a giant (fanless) CPU cooler to dissipate heat from the CPU, along with a meshed or ventilated case, and a fanless power supply. Our HFX and Streacom PCs use heatpipes along with massive aluminum heatsinks built into the case. Additionally, we offer the Akasa Thin Mini ITX Fanless PC for an affordable, super-small, and fully-functional fanless PC (using Intel i3-i7 CPUs).

Powerful, Fanless PC Uses:

  • HTPCs (Home Theater PCs)
  • Media Servers
  • Silent Recording Studio PCs
  • Noiseless Workstation PCs
  • Low-Maintenance Industrial PCs (no dust)

For ultimate silence and unique craftsmanship, check out all of our Fanless PCs below. If you have any questions, or have custom computer needs, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Every Component In Our Fanless Computers Is Noiseless

We recommend using a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of a standard (spinning) Hard Disk Drive in your fanless PC because Solid State Drives are extremely reliable, and have absolutely no moving parts to create noise. Standard hard drives (even quiet ones) tend to be more noticeable in a fanless computer, because there are no fans to cover up the disk noise.