AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen 3 CPUs incorporate 24 to 64 Cores, a whopping 88 PCIe lanes, 140MB of combined cache, and capacity for up to 256GB quad-channel DDR4. AMD's 3rd Generation Threadripper is your ultimate computer experience, excelling at multi-core processing events such as gaming, rendering, processing, and simultaneous applications.

Description Model Number
AMD 3rd Gen Threadripper 3960X CPU (24-Core, 48-Thread, 3.8GHz, 280W, CPU Benchmark 47201) 3960X
AMD 3rd Gen Threadripper 3970X CPU (32-Core, 64-Thread, 3.7GHz, 280W, CPU Benchmark 60986) 3970X
AMD 3rd Gen Threadripper 3990X CPU (64-Core, 128-Thread, 2.9GHz, 280W, CPU Benchmark 78340) 3990X
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