Quiet Power Supply Options

The power supply used in your PC is actually one of the most important choices you can make when configuring a silent computer. Your power supply affects the overall noise level, as well as the stability and longevity of your PC. Here at SilentPC ( Cool Tech PC) we have carefully chosen a selection of the world's quietest and most reliable power supplies available.

Power supplies are the driving force of your system. Inadequate power will result in an unstable system. Failing computer components should be the last thing on your mind while working on that important deadline. At the same time, a noisy power supply can be irritating and distracting. We routinely test and compare the top quiet power supplies to use in conjunction with our quiet PCs. With the experience we have had building quiet, reliable, custom PCs, you can rest assured that every power supply we have chosen is the the best available choice.

Mid to High-End Systems

For the mid to high-end quiet PC, we recommend the Corsair AX and HX series power supplies, as well as select Corsair RM series models. All of these power supplies are fully-modular, are energy-efficient, are well known for reliability, and are very quiet even under full loads. In fact, the Corsair AX, HX, and RM power supplies we feature are actually completely silent (fanless) under low to typical loads.

Budget Minded Systems

Some of our budget-minded systems also come default with the Corsair CX-450 watt power supply (as well as the above power supplies). The CX-450, while not completely silent under low loads, is a modestly quiet power supply with good reliability. We have found it to be inaudible when used in most case configuration. As always, you can rest assured, if we have include the CX-450 in a particular PC, that it is very quiet in that application.

Note: Some power supplies listed on this page may not be available in your PC due to size limitations and power needs of individual systems. If you have any questions about configuring your PC, please don't hesitate to Ask Us.

Description Model Number Wattage Decibel Rating
Corsair Titanium AX1600i AX1600i 1600 Watts 0-30dB
Corsair Titanium AX1500i AX1500i 1500 Watts 0-30dB
Corsair Platinum HX1000i HX1000i 1000 Watts 0-23dB
Corsair Platinum HX850 HX850 850 Watts 0-21dB
Corsair Gold RM850x RM850x 850 Watts 0-21dB
Corsair Platinum HX750 HX750 750 Watts 0-20dB
Corsair Gold RM750x RM750x 750 Watts 0-25dB
Corsair Gold RM650x RM650x 650 Watts 0-24dB
Corsair Gold RM550x RM550x 550 Watts 0-22dB
Corsair Bronze CX450 CX450 450 Watts 0-28dB

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