We offer a few different Optical drives, ranging from a basic LG brand DVD/CD burner to a high-end LG Bluray burner in a standard 5.25" format. We also offer a Silverstone brand, trayless and slimline design version of each, for special cases that only take the smaller format.

Optical - LG GH24NS95 DVD Burner

  • Drive Type: Internal SATA
  • DVD Write Speed: 24x max.
  • CD Write Speed: 48x max.
  • Supported Discs:DVD-ROM (SL/DL), DVD + -R (SL/DL), DVD+ -RW, DVD-RAM,
  • CD-R/RW/ROM, CD-DA, Video CD,
  • M-DISC
  • Silent & Jamless Play
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Optical - LG BH16NS40 Bluray Burner

  • Type: SATA 16x Blu-ray Disc Rewriter with 3D Movie Support
  • Read Speed:
  • - BD-R(SL L to H): 6x CAV
  • - DVD-ROM (SL/DL): 16x / 12x CAV
  • - CD-R/RW/ROM: 48x / 40x / 48x CAV
  • Write Speed:
  • - BD-R (SL): 2x, 4x CLV, 6x, 8x,
  • -BD-R (DL/ TL&QL): 2x, 4x CLV,
  • -BD-R (SL LTH): 2x, 4x CLV,
  • -BD-RE (SL/DL/TL): 2x CLV
  • -M-DISC: 4x
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