Intel X-series processors are processors which we use in almost all system catergories. The Intel X-series processors can run in a number of different programs and software suites, with high-performance, and business-oriented stability. These CPUs now feature some of the most advanced speeds and performance per core for the lithorgraphy of the chip. These CPUS are absolutely top-notch when it comes to reliability and performance.

Socket 1150, 1151, and 2011 Performance Levels

Description Model Number
Intel i9-10920X (12-Core, 24-Thread, 3.5Ghz, 48 Lanes, 165W, CPU Benchmark 26257) i9-10920X
Intel i9-10900X (10-Core, 20-Thread, 3.7Ghz, 48 Lanes, 165W, CPU Benchmark 23442) i9-10980XE
Intel i9-10940X (14-Core, 28-Thread, 3.3GHz, 48 lanes, 165W, CPU Benchmark 29560) i9-10940X
Intel i9-10980XE (18-Core, 36-Thread, 3GHz, 48 lanes, 165W, CPU Benchmark 34162) i9-10980XE
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