Hot-Swap drive bays allow you to add and remove additional drive from your system without having to open up the case or mess with any cabling. There are many different Hot Swap bays configurations from many different manufacturers that we have tested over the years and have condensed that list to what has been some of the most requested parts from customers.

Description Model Number Drive Configuration
ICY DOCK 4x 2.5inch SSD 5.25in Trayless Hotswap Bay MB324SP-B 4x 2.5inch SSD/HDD Drives
Startech 5.25in Trayless Hot Swap Bay for 3.5in HDD HSB100SATBK 1x 3.5inch HDD Drive
ICY DOCK 3x 3.5inch HDD 5.25in Trayless Hotswap Bay MB973SP-1B 3x 3.5inch HDD Drives

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