Digital Audio Workstations

Let yourself be heard, not your PC!

Our digital audio workstations (DAW PCs) are not only silent, they are designed specifically to exceed the demanding performance requirements of musicians and recording studio professionals.

No noise in your DAW PC Recordings

Professional Digital Audio Workstations

All of our MusicMaker™ Digital Audio Workstations maintain our dedication to silence, which is vital to audio productions. Our digital audio PCs are rackmountable for studio audio, are assembled to perfection with stable and reliable components for clean audio processing, and include audio card and device options, as well as options for Thunderbolt and/or Firewire (for audio devices).

Furthermore, every MusicMaker™ digital audio workstation comes standard with a worry-free 2-year warranty.

Digital Audio Workstation Recording Mic


A Digital Audio Workstation For Every Need

We offer a digital audio workstation for every single need. Whether you are a musician, an audio engineer on the weekends, or a professional recording engineer, our digital audio workstations are designed to meet every need. No noise in your Digital Audio Workstation Recordings

Portable DAW | Bringing your digital audio workstation with you! This 2U rackmount case can fit into almost anyt road case or portable rack. Don't sacrifice performance at your preformance.

DAW Music Production PC | Provides the same professional quality construction as the Portable DAW Rackmount PC, but with added room for cards and upgrade options in a 4U Rackmount Case.

Pro Audio DAW PC | TOP CHOICE Most Audio Professionals | X-Series CPU for demanding requirements of the audio professsional. Integrated Thunderbolt 3 support, USB 3, and Firewire options, perfect for a full-sized digital audio interface.

Studio Digital Audio Workstation | This Dual Xeon Digital Audio Workstation is designed for the most DEMANDING audio professional. Dual physical CPUs with tons of cores. If your workload is CPU heavy this system will get it done.

Read more about Thunderbolt for the Audio Professional

If you have questions, or special requests, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Digital Audio Workstation Features

System Memory Processor Special Features Dimensions
MusicMaker™ Portable 2U DAW
MusicMaker™ Portable 2U DAW
Max 128GB DDR4 Intel 11th Gen up to 8 Cores Small 2U Rackmount Width: 19.0in (483mm)
Depth: 16.9in (428mm)
Height: 3.5in (89mm)
MusicMaker™ Dual Xeon Professional DAW
MusicMaker™ Dual Xeon Professional DAW
Max 512GB DDR4 Intel Dual Xeon up to 48 Cores 4U Rackmount Width: 19.0in (483mm)
Depth: 27.9in (709mm)
Height: 7.0in (178mm)
MusicMaker™ DAW Music Production PC
MusicMaker™ DAW Music Production PC
Max 128GB DDR4 Intel 11th Gen up to 8 Cores 4U Short Depth Rackmount Width: 16.9in (430mm)
Depth: 17.5in (445mm)
Height: 6.9in (176mm)
MusicMaker™ Pro Audio X-Series DAW PC
MusicMaker™ Pro Audio X-Series DAW PC
Max 128GB DDR4 Intel X-Series up to 18 Cores 4U Short Depth Rackmount Width: 16.9in (430mm)
Depth: 17.5in (445mm)
Height: 6.9in (176mm)
Do you have questions?

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. No problem is too big or too small. We are, at our very core, a custom PC builder. So, if you have a custom need, we can find the solution. All you need to do is ask our sales team. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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