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Silverstone 120mm Case Fan * Surplus Computer Fans

120 mm SilverStone Case Fans

In the process of building quiet computers, we end up with a lot of surplus parts, like these 120mm case fans. These are new case fans, but are surplus fans we couldn't use with our systems. If you are looking for high-quality surplus parts such as these fans, we can offer them to you at incredible cost savings to you.

SilverStone 120mm 3-Pin Case Fans

These are new 120mm Case Fans by SilverStone. While these case fans are high-quality case fans, these are not the specialized quiet case fans we use in our Quiet PCs. However, if you are looking for a Silverstone computer case fan, these are the fans for you. You won't find a case fan like this anywhere else for a price like this. These surplus 120mm Silverstone case fans are a truly incredible deal.

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