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Nexus PC Mounting Kit

Nexus PC Mounting Kit

The Nexus Anti-Vibration Mounting Kit is the ideal solution for you if you want to get rid of every last source of PC noise! Nexus' mounting kit comes with a variety of rubber mounting solutions for your case fans and the CPU fan, soft rubber feet for your case, and tie wraps to keep the cables nice and tidy.

Nexus Anti-Vibration PC Mounting Kit Specifications

Mounting Kit Retail Package

Nexus PC Mounting Kit Package

Anti-Vibration PC Mounting Kit

The Nexus Anti-Vibration PC Mounting Kit contains ideal solutions for mounting your CPU cooler fan and system fans using rubber, tying together any loose cables plus fitting your case on soft rubber feet. Five different items to reduce vibration and prevent resonance.

This convenient PC mounting kit comes in a useful case to keep little screws and components in. You will not lose them anymore!

12 rubber fan mounts for open chassis fans

PC Mounting Kit - Mounts Diagram PC Mounting Kit - Mounts

12 rubber fan mounts for closed chassis fans

  • Prevents resonance, absorbs vibrations that otherwise would be transmitted from the fan into the computer case
  • To be used on closed chassis fans
  • 4 units to be used per fan, so sufficient rubber fan mounts for 3 fans
Rubber Mounts For Closed Chassis Fans
Rubber Mounts For Closed Chassis Fans - Diagram
Closed Chassis Fans

12 rubber grommets with screws for hard disk drive

4 units rubber feet with adhesive

20 units tie wraps



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