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Nexus Fan Mounts | Anti Vibration Case Fan Mounts

Anti Vibration Case Fan Mounts

The Nexus Ultra Soft Silicon Fan Mounts are designed to eliminate noise generated by the vibration of PC cooling fans.

Stop Vibration

A case fan in contact with the PC housing can cause vibration during operation. This vibration can cause very annoying sounds and noises. By replacing the fan mounting screws with these ultra soft silicon fan mounts you effectively end this vibration.

Ultra Soft Silicon

These fan mounts are made from the best possible silicon to guarantee effectiveness and durability. The ultra soft material is ultra effective and easy to install.

Universal Fitting

These silicon fan mounts have a universal design. They are designed to fit the vast majority of fans and PC cases.

Ultra Soft Silicon Fan Mount Features

Nexus Fan Mount Installation

Ultra Soft Fan Mount Installation


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