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Fan Mounts | Fan Vibration Isolators

Fan Mounts

These fan mounts not only mount your case fan - they dampen the vibration between the case (or other mounting surface) and the fan. This results in up to a seven decibel decrease in perceivable noise of a mounted fan.

Each package contains four fan vibration isolators, which are compatible with standard fan screw holes and fans with open corners. The standard fan screw hole size is 7/32" (5.5 mm). Please double check your fan and case for compatibility before purchasing.

Note:These fan mounts work only on fans whose mounting holes are the easy fan mount type (which have no additional plastic beyond the hole). See our picture of the Papst fans, which include the easy fan mount type holes.
Papst Fan Mount

These fan mounts work with all of our 80mm, 92mm, 120mm, and 140mm case fans. Unfortunately, these fan vibration isolators don't work with our 40 or 70mm case fans, since smaller case fans have a smaller hole than the 7/32" standard fan screw hole.



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