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Nexus 120mm PWM Fan | 120mm PWM Fan

Nexus 120mm PWM Silent Case Fan

These Nexus Silent PWM Fans are variable speed fans using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). PWM allows the motherboard to control fan speed. One advantage of PWM fans is that they allow for overall lower fan rotation speeds and the ramping up of the fan is extremely subtle. Wikipedia is a great source for more information on Pulse Width Modulation.

After leading the market for many years, with the Nexus basic real silent fans, Nexus decided to release their PWM versions of the Nexus silent case fans. Nexus has strived to set up the PWM fans with the best possible characteristics. Great performance and extreme low dB(A) ratings is guaranteed.

Nexus achieved an amazing 15.5 dB(A) noise level at 500 RPM. (measured in a chamber with a background noise of 15 dB(A).

Take control of your fans...and hear yourself think again.

Pulse Width Modulation

The use of a 4 wire PWM controlled fans is a means to reduce the overall system acoustics. The expectation is a 4 wire PWM controlled fan when properly implemented will be significantly quieter than a similar 3 wire fan.

Nexus 120mm PWM Fan Specifications
Manufacturer Nexus
Product Name 120mm PWM Real Silent Case Fan
Model Number D12SL-12 PWM
Nexus 120mm PWM Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm
Version Clear chassis and foggy rotor/blades
Fan Mounts 4 pieces purple ultra-soft silicone fan mounts
Fan Speed 500 ~ 2000 RPM (±10%)
Noise Level Starting At 15.5 dB(A)*
Airflow Up to 76 CFM

*Measured in an ISO certified chamber with 15 dB(A) background noise.



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