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70mm Quiet Case Fan

Quiet 70mm Case Fan

This quiet 70mm case fan is from the quiet computing leader reknown for their innovative products and quiet case fans, Nexus. The Nexus 70mm basic real silent case fans are the same 70mm fans which have been used in the Nexus' quiet CPU Coolers. These hard to find 70mm fans not only offer great airflow, but silent operation.

Nexus 70mm Case Fan with 3-pin Motherboard Connector
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight 85 grams
Oper. Voltage 10.2-13.8 Volts
Input Current 0.23 Amp
Input Power 3.96 Watts Max
Rotation Speed 2400 RPM
Acoustic Noise 19.8 dB(A)*
Airflow 21.1 CFM
Warranty 3 years
*Measured in an ISO certified chamber with 15 db(A) background noise.



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