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Fansis Quiet Power Supply Gasket | PSU Gasket Dampens PSU Vibration, Noise, and Physical Shock

Fansis Quiet Power Supply Gasket

Silicone gaskets have been used for a for vibration dampening in quiet PCs for quite a long, long time. Quiet mounting gaskets are an effective way to further eliminate noise in the quiet PC. Now, we are carrying a noise-absorbing gasket specifically designed for an ATX power supply. It is specially molded from super-soft silica gel, in order to fit around the rear of any ATX power supply. Our power supply gasket will drastically reduce low-frequency vibrational noise caused by the power supply fan. It also protects the power supply from physical shock.

This Fansis Power Supply Gasket package contains eight screws and silica gel washers, which can be used as an quiet mounting method for your standard or quiet power supply. While the Fansis Anti-Vibration Power Supply Gasket may dampen the noise of any standard ATX power supply slightly, we recommend using this gasket with an already quiet power supply, in order to get rid of the slight vibration that may be left.

Power Supply Gasket Features

  1. Super-soft silica gel gasket eliminates power supply fan vibration
  2. Significantly reduces low frequency noise level
  3. Easy to install and transferable when you upgrade your power supply
  4. Gasket protects fan and power supply from physical shock
  5. Includes 8 x screws/soft washers for alternative/additional power supply mounting

Fansis Power Supply Gasket Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) 152 x 88 x 10 mm
Weight 40 g
Compatibility ATX PSU (any fan position)
Other items included 8 x screws and 8 x soft silica gel washers



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