Photo Video PCs

Quiet, powerful, designed for Photo, Video, and Graphic Designers

Discover a seamless and powerful Photo Video PC with photo and video editing industry standard components, built to last for years to come with the very best of every last option pre-selected for your design and rendering needs.

Photoshop PC

Our Photoshop or Photo Video PC is built around the latest Ryzen 7000 CPUs. AMD has been breaking boundaries with their CPUs and is now in the leadership position with their Ryzen CPUs. Instead of using onboard graphics for Photoshop, we add a default Asus STRIX Nvidia RTX 3050. Its 8GB DDR6 GPU RAM, 2560 CUDA Cores, and stable operation result in seamless operation. Adobe recommends at least 16GB RAM, but the industry standard is 32GB or more, so we default our PC with 32GB DDR5 5600 MHz RAM, so you can do your work smoothly and efficiently.

The Photo Video PC also comes by default production ready with three hard drives. The first hard drive is an NVMe PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive for OS and graphic app installation. The second default drive is a 500GB Samsung 980 PRO PCIe M.2 for the purpose of a Scratch (or Cache) disk for further performance improvements in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Davinci Resolve. Scratch Disk Preferences The third default drive is a large storage drive for all your photos,images, and videos.

Video Editing Workstation

The Photoshop PC above would make an excellent video editing machine. If your needs aren't too demanding, simply take the Photoshop PC above and choose a higher end CPU, larger hard drive/s, and more memory. For the demanding video editing studio, rendering in 4K and higher, our Video Editing Workstation built around AMD's latest offering, a stable and powerful EPYC Server CPU, would be the superior choice. We default our Video Editing Workstation with the same kinds of options as our Photoshop PC from the Asus STRIX Nvidia RTX 3050, to ample RAM, to three hard drives designed with your workflow in mind.

Photo Video Creation
Video Rendering

Photo Video Editing PC

Photo Video Editing PC

  •   AMD Ryzen 7700 Series up to 16 cores
  •   Max 64GB DDR5
  •    9.1in W x 20.9in D x 18.2in H
  •   Mid Tower PC
    Photo Video Options

Starting at $3,400.00

Video Editing Workstation

Video Editing Workstation

  •   AMD EPYC up to 64 Cores
  •   Max 512GB ECC DDR4-3200
  •    19.0in W x 17.5in D x 6.9in H
  •   Quiet 4U Rackmount

Starting at $6,150.00

System Memory Processor Special Features Dimensions
Video Editing Workstation
Video Editing Workstation
Max 512GB ECC DDR4-3200 AMD EPYC up to 64 Cores Quiet 4U Rackmount Width: 19.0in
Depth: 17.5in
Height: 6.9in
Photo Video Editing PC
Photo Video Editing PC
Max 64GB DDR5 AMD Ryzen 7700 Series up to 16 cores Mid Tower PC
Photo Video Options
Width: 9.1in
Depth: 20.9in
Height: 18.2in


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