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Nexus SXA-6029 | Xeon Socket 603 / 604 CPU Cooler

Xeon Socket 603/604 CPU Cooler

Nexus SXA-6029

The Nexus SXA-6029 is an active Xeon Socket 603/604 solution equipped with a blower fan and a fan that is only 29mm. The server solution is manufactured using SkiveTek® technology and 99.5% pure copper material. The high density fins allow for the perfect fin pitch and thickness to match the requirements of Xeon processors. Note: This is new product, but is an open box product. This server CPU cooler for Xeon Socket 603/604 is OEM PRODUCT. The product will arrive in a brown box, not retail packaging.

Nexus Xeon Socket 603/604 Cooler Specifications

  • Server CPU Cooler
  • Model Number:     SXA-6029
  • CPU Compatibility:     Intel P4, Xeon, Socket 603/604, 2.8~3.06GHz
  • Size:     88.5x61.6x29mm
  • Weight:     350g (.77lb)
  • Fan Speed:     6000RPM
  • Fan Bearing:     2 Ball Bearing
  • Materials:     Full copper (99.5% pure), C1020 copper material

Price: $12.95