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24in Round Floppy Cable

24in Round Floppy Cable

If you have a legacy floppy drive, you can minimize the clutter in your case, while improving airflow. An absolutely quiet way to cool your system further. Our round floppy cables save space and clutter and maximize airflow in a PC containing a floppy drive by converting standard flat ribbon floppy cables into a rounded cable.

Our 24 inch round floppy cables are great new or replacement cables supporting 3.5" floppy drives. Rounded floppy cables can be used in any computer setup instead of ribbon floppy cables, reducing clutter and increasing airflow (therefore allowing you to use less cooling resulting in a quieter computer).

Rounded Floppy Drive Cable Specifications
Manufacturer Generic
Color Black
Product Name 24" Black Round Floppy Cable
Product Type Floppy Drive Data Transfer Cable
Rounded Cable Length 24"

Price: $2.99