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Zalman ZM-RC56 Fan Resistor

Zalman Fan Resistor

This Zalman fan resistor (ZM-RC56) is used to slow down any sized standard 12V case fan with a 3-pin connector. The voltage is reduced to 7V in order to slow down the fan speed and reduce fan noise. This small, inexpensive resistor also creates a 3.5″ extension to your cable length, while also saving space for other important components of your system. The ZM-RC56 is a simple and cost effective way to quiet your system.

Zalman ZM-RC56 Cautionary Note:

The Zalman ZM-RC56 slows down the fan speed which also reduces the air flow. Although this is usually not an issue, it could possibly cause an overheating issue if there is not adequate airflow. Please make sure that you will have enough airflow for your system before purchasing this Zalman fan resistor.

Zalman ZM-RC56 Fan Resistor Specifications
Manufacturer Zalman
Part Number ZM-RC56
Length 3.5"
Connectors 3 pin (Male)
3 pin (female)
Functions Reduces 12V case fan power to 7V
Quiets Fan
Extends Fan Cable Length

Fan Controllers = Voltage Regulators = Fan Resistors

Fan controllers, whether controlling single or multiple fans, can simply control the fan speed. Voltage regulators and fan resistors are simply other names for a fan controller. In some cases fan controllers can also monitor the temperature of the fan and various locations inside your PC. Using a front-mounted fan controller with temperature monitoring allows the quiet computer user to produce the quietest computer possible, while still maintaining a sufficiently cool environment for their PC components.

Price: $2.69