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Computer Fan Screws | Large Pack Case Fan Screws

Computer Fan Screws

This large pack of standard case fan screws works for any standard case fan with standard case fan holes (7/32" or 5.5mm). These case fan screws work perfectly with all of our case fans, except our 40mm and 70mm case fans (which come with smaller holes). If you are ordering a standard case fan and don't have any case fan screws or mounts, you will want to pick up a few of these computer case fans screws.

If you only need four screws for one case fan, see our Case Fan Screws - 4 Pack.

This large package of case fan screws contains fifty standard case fan screws which are compatible with standard fan screw holes.

Case Fan Screws | Large Pack
Manufacturer Generic
Product Name Case Fan Screws | Large Pack
Quantity 50
Size 7/32"
Purpose Screws designed to attach standard case fans to computer case


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