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Velcro Cable Ties - Nexus CT-600

Velcro Cable Ties

No loose cables in your computer case anymore. These reusable Nexus CT-600 velcro cable ties are easy to use and make the inside of your case look clean and tidy.

Loose cables can cause a lot of problems. They can make noise, and even break your PC when obstructing case fans or CPU coolers. With the CT-600 velcro cable ties, you can keep all the cable together and makes the inside of the PC look clean.

Included in the CT-600 package are 6 pieces of velcro cable ties, three black ties and three blue ties.

Just wrap the CT-600 velcro cable ties around your cables and the velcro does the rest.

Velcro Cable Tie Features

  • Soft and flexible cloth
  • High quality velcro
  • Keeps the PC safe and clean
  • Easy to install

Price: $1.99