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DVI to VGA Adapter

DVI-VGA Adapter

This adapter will convert your analog capable DVI Port to a VGA Port, for VGA monitor support, or for two VGA Ports (for video cards capable of operating two monitors at once).

  • DVI Port to VGA Port Adapter
  • Takes a 24-pin DVI Out Video Card and Converts to a Standard 15-pin SVGA Out
  • DVI 24-pin (m) to SVGA 15-pin (f)

VGA Monitor Support Using DVI port

Most modern video cards contain at least one DVI (Digital Video Interface) out port. Your modern video card may or may not contain a VGA port on the card at all. If you already have an existing VGA (Video Graphics Array) monitor and wish to connect you analog capable DVI port to your existing monitor, this DVI-VGA Adapter will convert the DVI signal to VGA. Or, if your modern video card contains both a DVI-out and a VGA-out port, you can use the DVI-VGA adapter to convert the DVI port to an analog VGA output, creating two VGA outputs, for dual monitor (analog) capabilities.

Analog DVI to VGA

Note: This DVI-VGA adapter will only work to convert DVI to VGA if your video card's DVI output includes an analog signal. Your video card's DVI output should be DVI-I (digital and analog output) or DVI-A (analog output), not DVI-D (digital output only), but most video cards include digital and analog output in your DVI out port. See video manufacturer for specifications, if you are unclear if this converter will work for you.

  • Ideal for: connecting your DVI-I desktop or laptop computer, to a VGA monitor or projector
  • Can also be used to: create a dual (VGA) monitor setup from a video card with one DVI port and one VGA port
  • Easy-to-install DVI-VGA adapter with thumb screws
  • DVI to VGA Connector / DVI-VGA Adapter / DVI to VGA Cable Converter
  • Connects DVI Male connector to a VGA female connector

DVI and VGA on a Video Card

VGA and DVI Ports on a Video Card

Price: $3.99