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Intel Socket 478 CPU Cooler

Intel Socket 478 Stock Cooler

In the process of building quiet computers, we end up with a lot of SURPLUS PARTS. These are new parts, but are surplus parts we couldn't use with our systems (usually because they weren't specialized quiet computer parts). If you are looking for a cooler for the Intel Stock Socket 478 Heatsink, this is the cooler for you.

Socket 478 Stock Cooler Features

  • Intel Socket 478 Heat Sink and Fan
  • Aluminum heat sink / Copper core / 2.5-inch fan
  • Supports Socket 478 Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron processors 2.8E, 3 GHz to 3.40 GHz
  • 3-pin fan connector (approximately 11" cord length from fan to 3-pin connector)
  • Socket 478 Heat sink retention clip
Intel Socket 478 Cooler - Top

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Price: $6.95