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Our Quiet PCs

Why Our Quiet PC?

Today's PCs make exceedingly more noise as they become increasingly powerful. Individual parts in today's fast PCs require extra cooling. As such, each one of these parts produce extra noise.

Some people describe their computer's noise as an irritating whine. Some describe their PC like a jet airplane taking off. Whatever your perception of your noisy PC, there is no doubt that computer noise continues to become an increasingly annoying problem, and the Quiet PC is becoming an increasingly aloof ideal.

The Ideal Quiet PC

Many PC manufacturers are finally paying attention to this increasing problem of computer noise. Many manufacturers may even produce a "quiet" computer that is quieter than a typical PC. Yet, that "quiet" computer may still be noisy enough to be irritating and distracting.

At SilentPC.com we specialize in building high-quality, ultra-quiet PCs that meet the most demanding requirements. We look at every PC component and we find the most efficient, most silent solution to quiet your PC. The result is a high-performance Quiet PC that you can hardly hear when you put your ear right next to it (a far cry from a jet engine).

If you are in the market for a new PC, you should consider making your PC quiet, right from the beginning. Every custom quiet PC we sell is made with the highest-quality, most widely-compatible quiet computer parts available. Our quiet systems are among the most distinctive machines made. By pairing the best computer components for top performance with the quietest, most distinctive computer parts, we have created a marriage of performance and silence in every Quiet PC we build.

Our distinctive Quiet PCs have been highly praised by discriminating reviewers such as John Dvorak of PC Magazine and Mike Chin of Silent PC Review. They have praised our PCs, not only for our absolute commitment to true silence, but for our high-quality standards and attention to detail. To see what customers have said about our quiet systems see our testimonial page.

Make Your PC Quiet From the Start

Most of today's new PCs are incredibly loud. This becomes a serious problem if you:

Choose a PC Designed For Silence

When purchasing a new PC, however, we recommend that you stop every source of computer noise right from the start by purchasing a Quiet PC specifically designed for silence. All of our PCs are intentionally constructed to be the apex of both silence and performance, and can be configured online to meet your specifications.

What Make Our PCs Different?

We use the best quiet parts with every single noise producing component in your Custom Quiet PC. This includes the best quiet option for every possible noise problem in your PC, including your power supply, CPU cooler, video card fan, case fan, and hard drive.

We also make sure that every PC case we use minimizes vibration and enhances computer airflow. For instance, we can build your computer with a specialized P183 Quiet PC Enclosure (featuring an innovative three-layer side panel [aluminum, plastic, aluminum] which dampens system generated noise). Or, we can build you not only a Quiet PC, but a completely noiseless PC using HFX ® fanless PC cases. Our fanless cases use 100% radiator and heatpipe technology to cool each and every component.

If you have any custom requests for your Quiet PC that doesn't involve one of the standard parts listed in one of our configurable systems, we can work with you to create an individualized custom design unique to you, yet incorporating all the features of our unique, world-class machines.

Custom Quiet PC Parts

Customize Your Quiet PC

We are at heart a high-end custom system builder and each PC is specially designed and assembled to order, then tested thoroughly before shipment. The options you see on the website are a reflection of our commitment to quality. All of the part options have been tested to be stable, compatible, and silent. Rest assured that you will receive a top-quality PC with incredible reliability, service, and support. If you would like to make any additional customizations please contact our Sales Team. We can put together a Quiet PC from scratch according to your specific needs.

Superior Quiet Technology

Quiet PC Decibel Chart

We search the market everyday for the quietest, most reliable components available for your Quiet PC. We not only build the quietest PCs available, we also sell, on our website, the same components we use to build our legendary quiet computers. Because of this we have a unique perspective on the latest trends in the industry. We exclusively build quiet computers unlike our competitors and operate on an entirely different paradigm of noise levels than your standard "big box" PC manufacturer. Our PCs have been tested in professional anechoic chambers and easily beat any of the "competition". All the components are hand picked and tested to rigid standards. Our designs are constantly improving and we offer the largest variety of form factors available, as well as offering custom configurations.

Included With Every Quiet PC

Extensive Testing

Each of our Quiet PCs go through a rigorous burn-in process. We test our PCs at 100% load for 24-48 hours to test the thermal and acoustic properties. Each PC is custom tailored for optimum airflow, silence and performance at full load. Whether your system is shipped with an OS installed or not, each PC goes through the same rigorous testing process. We check every component and each port thoroughly before your Quiet PC ships. Our goal is to ensure stability and longevity as well as the highest performing and most silent PCs on the market!

No Outsourcing

We do not outsource anything. If you contact sales or technical support, your call or email will be answered by a live professional technician. All of our sales representatives are seasoned technicians that can answer any technical questions, our support representatives are the same people who design, build and test our PCs!

Clean Software Installs

We install only the software you purchased. We will not install any trial software, advertisements or promotional offers like many of our competitors. We will only install the latest drivers, BIOS updates, patches and service packs available at the time of the build.

Custom Made In The USA

Every single PC we sell is custom assembled with pride and care in Battle Ground, Washington. We do not simply re-brand, modify or resell other manufacturers' computers. Our focus is quality and long-term reliability using premium high end components.


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