Just about every motherboard we carry these days has built in audio that is great by almost everyone standards, however, we have some additional super high-end options available for the audio enthusiast featuring up to 24bit/192KHz HD audio!

If there is  specific audio card that you would like to use that we don't offer, please contact our sales team to set up a special order!

Description Model Number Chipset Channels
Sound Blaster Audigy FX Audigy FX SBX Pro Studio 5.1 Channels
Sound Blaster Audigy RX Audigy RX Creative E-MU 7.1 Channels
Sound Blaster Z Sound Blaster Z Sound Core3D 5.1 Channels
Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Core3D 5.1 Channels
Asus Essence STX II Asus Essence STX II ASUS AV100 7.1 Channels
HT Omega Eclaro HT Omega Eclaro CMI8788 7.1 Channels

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