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Nexus SLK-8000 | Nexus PC Security Lock Kit

Nexus Computer Security Lock Kit

The Nexus security lock kit is an ideal solution to secure your expensive computer components. Do you have PCs at locations where many people have access to them?

For example, at:

  • fairs
  • trade-shows
  • LAN parties
  • libraries
  • offices
  • etc.

Prevent unauthorized opening of the PC case. Do you have private or confidential information on your hard disk? Prevent your hard disk from being stolen by securing it to the case using one or more security locks. Prevent theft by securing your expensive PCI-Express video card or other components to the PC chassis.

Computer Security Lock Uses

  • Secure Your Computer Case
  • Secure Your Hard Drives
  • Secure Yous Power Supply
  • Secure Your PCI-e Cards
  • and more...
With the SLK-8000, you can lock up to 8 pieces of hardware. It also comes with two keys!
Nexus security locks are designed so that they cannot be opened with ordinary screwdrivers or pinchers. The locks can only be unlocked with the two included keys. This kit secures your expensive graphic cards or your data-sensitive hard drives.

Use the SLK-8000 to:

Secure Your Power Supply

Secure Your Hard Drive

Secure Your PC Cards


Security Lock Kit Specifications

Model Number SLK-8000
Package Contents
8 x Security Lock Screws
2 x Screwdriver Keys

Price: $2.95