Warning: Technology changes very quickly so it is always recommended that you look at the date when the article was last updated. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Article Date: 11-26-2016

Graphics Performance

Technology changes very quickly, so it is always recommend that you look at the date when this article was last updated. This article was last updated 11-26-16.

The latest CPUs by Intel, the 6th/7th Generation Socket 1151 i3-i7's and Xeon E3 v5's, once again offer improved graphics performance straight through your CPU.

Particularly, Intel's latest entry-level workstation CPUs, the Xeon E3 v5 CPUs, offer a number of CPUs with Intel P530 graphics, which offer entry-level professional graphics pre-tested with such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Autodesk AutoCAD. In fact, these CPUs rival video performance from all, but top-of-the-line discrete graphics cards. Keep in mind, not all Xeon E3 v5 CPUs include the P530 graphic unit. Because there is an increased cost to the graphics feature, and because Xeon E3 v5 Workstation PCs are often used for non-graphic SERVER purposes, Intel offers E3 v5 CPUs without any graphics units included in them at all.

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Also, keep in mind that there are other issues such as how much of your RAM your CPU graphics processor will take. Graphics RAM usage through your CPU will be auto negotiated by your PC and as such, may not allocate as much RAM as a dedicated card would.

Similarly, the amount of RAM available to ordinary system requirements will be decreased by the amount of RAM your CPU is using for graphic performance. If you have sufficient RAM in your system, this shouldn't be an issue, even for light to moderate graphics use and gaming.

Video Performance of Desktop CPUs and Discrete Graphics Cards We Use In Our PCs

CPU/Video Card

Graphics Processor

Video Benchmark*

On CPU - Socket 1151 Skylake Celeron - Pentium G4400 Intel HD 510 620

EVGA GT 720 2GB Video Card

GT 720


On CPU - Socket 1151 Kaby Lake Celeron - Pentium G4560

Intel HD 610


On CPU - Socket 1151 Skylake i5-i7

Intel HD 530


On CPU - Socket 1151 Skylake E3 v5

Intel P530


On CPU - Socket 1151 Kaby Lake Pentium G4620-i7

Intel HD 630


Asus GTX 950 2GB Quiet Video Card (Hybrid Fanless/Quiet)

GTX 950


ASUS STRIX GTX 1060 6GB Quiet Video Card (Hybrid Fanless/Quiet)

GTX 1060


ASUS STRIX GTX 1070 8GB Quiet Video Card (Hybrid Fanless/Quiet)

GTX 1070


ASUS STRIX GTX 1080 8GB Quiet Video Card (Hybrid Fanless/Quiet)

GTX 1080 8GB


* PassMark's Videocard Benchmarks


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